Connecting to Gold Coast Citys Infrastructure for a water or sewer connection can be quiet daunting for our clients. That's why at YTB Plumbing we take care of the whole process for you from start to finish, not just the installation side of things. YTB Plumbing will complete the application process on your behalf as we deal with Gold Coast City Water on a daily basis. No matter what size job or the loaction of your Gold Coast Water / Sewer Connection - YTB Plumbing has the experinence and tools to get the job done for you. We pride ourselves on our quaility workmanship and quick turn around time to get your Gold Coast Water / Sewer Connections installed for you as soon as possible.

Generally all our Gold Coast Water / Sewer Connections are done live  ( under pressure ) so this allows services to be connected at a later date without interrupting existing consumers and everyones water and sewer is kept running during our whole connection process. 

So If you would like a quote on any Gold Coast Water / Sewer Connections please contact us today!


When do I require a water and sewerage connection ?


Connections for both water and sewerage (wastewater) are required when building a new property in the Gold Coast Region area.  Existing properties should already have these connections in place buy may need to have them upgraded or replaced depending on what the decision notice says . Also an Extra sewer / water connection is generally needed for  duplexes or small sib divisions where the existing house has been knocked down and the new proposed site has 2 or more dwellings on it . 


What do I need to consider for my connection?


  • New water connection sizes available are 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm ,100mm & 150mm .  Larger water meters are available 
  • New sewerage connection sizes are 100mm & 150mm.  Larger connections are available .
  • All water meters are  generally located just out side the property boundary with a standard install .5m from your left or right hand boundary.
  • Vegetation, existing utility services and infrastructure (ie retaining walls) can all affect placement of your water and sewerage services.
  • Do not plan to build over or plant large vegetation near sewerage and water connection points.
  • All new connections, relocations, disconnections and sub-meter installations to existing developments require an appication to Gold coast city Water.
  • Time delays may occur if traffic management is required for Department of Transport & Main Roads.