ABOUT THE GOLD COAST HOT TAPPING specialist AND benefits of hot tapping

Also known as a live water connection, hot tapping is the process of providing a new branch or connection point to an existing service without the need for shutting down or isolating the water main. This type of connection ( hot tapping ) is preferred from Gold Coast Council and most other local councils and authorities as there is no disruption to neighbouring properties. It is also necessary when isolating the main is not achievable, or not an option. Hot Tapping a water main allows services to be connected at a later date without interrupting existing consumers or water services and that’s what the Gold Coast hot tapping specialists are all about. While hot tapping is not a new practice, recent design improvements and new technology have taken out the complications and uncertainty that hot tapping contractors may have experienced in the past.

At YTB Plumbing (The Gold Coast hot tapping specialist) we can hot tap on any material such as stainless steel, copper, cast iron, Ductile line, AC, HDPE and UPVC.

Hot Tapping size changes can be made by changing the drill bit and the base of the tapping machine. Hard faced masonry drills are used for Hot tapping AC and Ductile lines whilst a hole saw drill bit is used for tapping HDPE or PVC to capture the cookie from the drill hole so it doesn’t get caught in the water main.

Key Benefits of using YTB plumbing the gold coast Hot Tapping specialist

  • Eliminates the need for production downtime
  • No environmental impact and no chance of cross contamination
  • Hot tapping is Safer and more cost effective than conventional tie-in methods
  • Hot tapping can be undertaken on any range of piping materials and sizes
  • Hot tapping can be done in all types of conditions



  1. Fit an appropriate hot tapping band to the pipe and screw in the selected under pressure ferrule.
  2. Unscrew the bonnet, remove the jumper valve and fully open the poly ferrule plug (Note: A ball valve may be used in lieu of the under pressure hot tapping ferrule where acceptable).
  3. Screw the hot tapping machine into the top of the ferrule, using the correct adaptor as required.
  4. Rotate the feed nut until the drill tip makes contact with the pipe.
  5. Apply pressure to the drill bit via the feed nut, turning the ratchet at the same time to cut the hole.
  6. When drilling is completed, reverse the feed nut to retract the drill until clear of the poly ferrule plug.
  7. Allow water escaping from the ferrule to flush the system, then close the poly ferrule plug (a hose may be connected to the ferrule to divert the waste water).
  8. Remove the hot tapping machine and replace the jumper valve and bonnet
  9. Once the hot tap is completed, connect the service pipe and open the poly ferrule plug to charge the service line.

The most important thing to remember before choosing your Gold Coast hot tapping contractor is to ensure they are specialised and experienced in hot tapping like YTB Plumbing (the Gold Coast hot tapping specialist ) as major issues can easily arise from incorrect hot tapping procedures and installation. These can become extremely costly and time consuming.

YTB PLUMBING has numerous Gold Coast Hot Tapping clients as well as Brisbane and surrounding areas and would love to help you out with any Hot Tapping issues. No hot tap is too big or too small for The Gold Coast Hot Tapping specialists.